MacPorts Developer Meeting?

Michael Dickens michaelld at
Fri Apr 4 11:20:55 PDT 2014

Ditto what Mark wrote.  For me, this would generally be easier during
the summer break (maybe even bring the whole family, depending on where
it is).  That said, I'm wondering where most MacPorts devs reside --
seems like there are at least a few out in US/CA.  I'm in US/ET.  There
are certainly some in Europe ... Wondering if Washington/DC/US or
Boston/MA/US might be more centrally located.  I like the idea of a MP
gathering.  We do this for my other projects, along with presentations
by GSoC students on their work and a day hackfest, so why not with MP
too? - MLD

On Fri, Apr 4, 2014, at 01:15 PM, Mark Anderson wrote:

If I can get myself to Europe. Depends on where and when.
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