New MacPorts web site

MK-MacPorts at MK-MacPorts at
Mon Apr 7 13:13:20 PDT 2014

Hi Ryan,

I do like your work very much! This looks really cool!!!

A few remarks:

	1) Perhaps the icons at least could be blue to match the mandatory good-old MacPorts icon, which definitely needs to appear here instead of the new “macports”. :)

	2) I think that the headline is pretty large. I wouldn’t mind it to be 30-50% smaller.

	3) Apart from that I have to say that the site even looks great on a smartphone, which was my first way to check it out. :-)

Great job. Thanks for giving the MacPorts site a fresh look. At the beginning of the discussion I was sceptical, but now I see that it indeed can be made much nicer than it currently is.


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