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Sun Apr 13 14:32:16 PDT 2014

Hi Ian,

I just want to add something as well as answer some of your questions (with what I found via Google).

On 13 Apr 2014, at 23:06 , Ian Wadham < at> wrote:
> Ben is not sure what would be required to set up CI of KDE in an Apple
> OS X envirionment.  His immediate questions are to do with Apple OS X
> installation, but I am sure he has many more.
In [1] he specified more of the requirements for a CI on OSX in more detail...
... however the infrastructure we have for our Linux builds
should be nearly completely portable to OSX without too much trouble
(in theory at least - i've never done any compilation on OSX).

and in my first reply [2] to his post I went through his list of tools and I think MacPorts has everything in stock for the KDE CI system.

>    - Can he virtualise Mac OS X legally on a Linux machine?
No. [3]

>    - Must he invest in Apple hardware?
Yes, or he can ask e.g. Brad whether he could support him with some virtual servers, because on Apple hardware you can legally run up to two OSX guest virtual machines since OSX Lion (10.7) [4].

>    - Does OS X licensing forbid installation on non-Apple hardware?

Please, let me know if the information I gave to Ben [2] or what I’ve found about OSX virtualization via Google [3,4] isn’t correct.



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