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Sun Apr 13 17:09:10 PDT 2014

On Apr 13, 2014, at 16:06, Ian Wadham wrote:

> But first, Ben has some basic questions and he would like to get in touch
> with the guys who run MacPorts' CI system to discuss possibilities.  There
> are potential benefits for both sides, it appears.  I have told him what
> MacPorts' CI does, that it is based on buildbot and that you support multiple
> Apple hardware platforms and multiple versions of Apple OS X.
> Ben is not sure what would be required to set up CI of KDE in an Apple
> OS X envirionment.  His immediate questions are to do with Apple OS X
> installation, but I am sure he has many more.
>    - Can he virtualise Mac OS X legally on a Linux machine?


>    - Must he invest in Apple hardware?


>    - Does OS X licensing forbid installation on non-Apple hardware?


These answers are in the OS X Mavericks software license agreement:

If OS X Mavericks is pre-installed “you are granted a limited, non-exclusive license to install, use and run one (1) copy of the Apple Software on a single Apple-branded computer at any one time”.

If OS X Mavericks is downloaded from the Mac App Store, “you are granted a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive license (i) to download, install, use and run for personal, non-commercial use, one (1) copy of the Apple Software directly on each Apple-branded computer running OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Lion or OS X Snow Leopard (“Mac Computer”) that you own or control; … (iii) to install, use and run up to two (2) additional copies or instances of the Apple Software within virtual operating system environments on each Mac Computer you own or control that is already running the Apple Software, for purposes of: (a) software development; (b) testing during software development; (c) using OS X Server; or (d) personal, non-commercial use.”

You can look up the SLAs for previous versions of OS X here:

They are similar, except that permission to run OS X client virtualized is only given for version 10.7 and later; in 10.5 and 10.6 you had to purchase Mac OS X Server for that privilege. No version of 10.4 or earlier was permitted to be virtualized.

My understanding is that our four buildslaves are virtual machines running on one (or more?) Apple Xserve server(s). I don’t know which virtualization platform is being used, but any of VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or VirtualBox should work.

>    - How can he get in contact with the MacPorts CI guys?

admin at macosforge dot org

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