tiff revbump?

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> The only idea I had was that I started the whole MacPorts installation
> from scratch and it ran perhaps for 4 hrs (with a 1h of short
> interruptions) and somewhere in between I saw rev-upgrade rebuilding tiff…
> So, I thought that some other dependency of tiff must have changed in the
> meantime.

One of the reasons rev-upgrade exists is that various "bugs" (rarely this
can be actual bugs in macrpots; more often it's stuff like underspecified
dependencies in various ports) in the past could lead to things being
missed; you would only notice if you happened to use the thing that was
broken (which, if it was a build dep that is no longer needed, might well
be never; also in that case older versions of macports might not have
noticed). rev-upgrade catches these silent errors and corrects them.

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