Welcome Our GSoC 2014 Students

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Thu Apr 24 10:25:40 PDT 2014


Congratulations to everyone. In case it's not a secret, I would be
interested to know how many students applied.

I would like to suggest creating either new wiki pages or creating
some subsections with the list of accepted GSOC projects over the
years (and maybe a link to the official GSOC page). There is only a
generic page, but no information about current and past projects.

I would also be interested in more details about Kyle's project.
Currently it says just "combining a lot of clean up proposals", but
not what exactly those proposals were about.

I would like to encourage students to also communicate over this
mailing list every now and then and maybe report if/when they have
something ready to test.


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