MariaDB 10.0 and 10.1 alpha port naming

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Sun Jul 6 20:06:28 PDT 2014

* On 07.07.2014 04:56 am, Bradley Giesbrecht wrote:
> On Jul 6, 2014, at 1:54 PM, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
>> Jeremy H has been of the opinion that we should not drop the dot, and should separate the version from the name with a dash, and has done so with the clang ports (e.g. clang-3.4). This seems to work fine.
>> mariadb-10.0
>> mariadb-10.1
> I like it!

Me too, as mentioned on IRC.

>> Don't use a -devel suffix. (clang-3.5 doesn't.)
> Is clang-3.5 alpha? Mariadb 10.1 is alpha.
> My reason for adding -devel is to not encourage the casual user to install alpha software.

clang and gcc don't name alpha/beta versions differently. However, they do add
"prerelease BETA" or something to the (short) description. which shows up in
port search by default. That's normally good enough for preventing users from
doing stupid things.

I'd do this as well. Otherwise, you'll have problems when mariadb 10.1 is indeed
released. You'd have to change the port name, that is, create a new port,
obsolete the other, allow some time to pass for users to actually switch to the
"new" port and don't forget to delete the "old" alpha based one.

Doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Don't do it, Jim. (My personal opinion only.)


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