gnupg12, gnupg users, please reply.

David Evans devans at
Mon Jul 7 07:09:32 PDT 2014

On 7/6/14 5:43 PM, Joshua Root wrote:
> On 2014-7-7 10:00 , Mihai Moldovan wrote:
>> Hi gpg users,
>> We currently have three unmaintained ports for gnupg: gnupg (ver 1.4), gnupg12
>> (ver 1.2) and gnupg2 (ver 2.x).
>> In order to implement proper launchd integration in gpg-agent, I will likely
>> have to slightly patch gnupg as well.
>> If anyone here is (actively) using gpg 1.4 or 1.2, please reply. Why do you need
>> those ports? Is switching to gpg 2 an option for you?
>> If you only "use" gpg as a dependency of some other port, you don't have to do
>> anything. All ports currently depending on gnupg12 or gnupg seem to be
>> compatible with gnupg2 (at least after a version bump.)
>> I'd like to get rid of gnupg and gnupg12 after a grace period.
> I doubt we need gnupg12 any more. However I'm using gnupg because it
> does everything I need, and it's still maintained upstream, so why
> install the extra deps for gnupg2?
> - Josh
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Mihai --

The two ports that I am most interested in are GNOME gcr and gpgme (a
dependency of seahorse).

gcr will build with either gnupg or gnupg2 but it checks gnupg first so
if both are installed
it will select gnupg.  A simple patch will fix this.

gpgme is currently at version 1.4.2 which only uses gnupg but is
outdated but 1.4.3+ can
use gnupg2 and prefers it over gnupg. 

The NEWS file from latest version 1.5.0:

 * If GPGME finds the gpgconf binary it defaults to using gpg2 or
   whatever gpgconf tells as name for the OpenPGP engine.  If gpgconf
   is not found, GPGME looks for an engine named "gpg".

So using gnupg2 is feasible for these two ports.

That said I would agree with Josh that gnupg12 can be deleted (no
current dependents) but
that both gnupg and gnupg2 should be retained for now.


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