gnupg12, gnupg users, please reply.

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Mon Jul 7 13:30:14 PDT 2014

* On 07.07.2014 04:09 pm, David Evans wrote:
> The two ports that I am most interested in are GNOME gcr and gpgme (a
> dependency of seahorse).
> gcr will build with either gnupg or gnupg2 but it checks gnupg first
> so if both are installed it will select gnupg.  A simple patch will
> fix this.
> gpgme is currently at version 1.4.2 which only uses gnupg but is
> outdated but 1.4.3+ can use gnupg2 and prefers it over gnupg.

Both systems are non-deterministic. Trace mode enforces determinism in this
case, but it's still a good idea to force the GPG version explicitly (even more
so, as trace mode is not the default.)

As the maintainer, what do you prefer? There are three options:
  - stick with gnupg
  - switch to gnupg2
  - select gnupg or gnupg2 via variants (can be coupled with some glue TCL code
to set default variant to either prefer gnupg or gnupg2 if both are installed,
the currently installed port if only one is installed, automatically select
gnupg or gnupg2 based on your preference if none is installed or having the user
override any automatic detection by explicitly selecting a variant)

> So using gnupg2 is feasible for these two ports.

Thanks for checking. :)

I already made sure to check all ports depending on gnupg or gnupg2 and saw that
most ports are gnupg2-compatible (at least after a version bump.) Only 2 obscure
ports not present in any other repository (and one of those without a working
homepage) would have required deeper investigation I didn't perform at that time.

> That said I would agree with Josh that gnupg12 can be deleted (no
> current dependents) but that both gnupg and gnupg2 should be
> retained for now.

Sure thing, we can keep gnupg.


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