Question regarding qt5-mac

Marko Käning MK-MacPorts at
Mon Jul 7 14:57:20 PDT 2014

Hi Marcus,

On 07 Jul 2014, at 15:27 , Marcus Calhoun-Lopez <mcalhoun at> wrote:

> I am afraid I know very little about either KDE or the Continuous Integration System.
> As for Qt5, freetype, glib2, icu, pcre, libiconv, were added as dependencies because Qt5 supports them.

OK, Qt5 supports them... but they were not REQUIRED at build time (except pcre)?

> Support for freetype, glib, icu, and iconv can be disabled (-no-freetype, -no-glib, -no-icu, and -no-iconv respectively to the configure script).
> Support for pcre can not be disabled.
> The best you can do is have Qt us its own bundled version (-qt-pcre to the configure script).

OK, so, I suppose if freetype wouldn’t be found it would automatically assumed -no-freetype?!
I have no other explanation otherwise for why it built successfully for me.

> Because these features are recommended by the configure script, they are included in qt5-mac.
> All of these ports should be installed automatically	if you install qt5-mac.
> Disabling support for them would require modification of the qt5-mac Portfile.

Please note, I am not discussing a MacPorts installation of qt5-mac.
For the CI system I need qt5 installed natively.
I am simply using those few mentioned MacPorts ports in order to be able to successfully build Qt5 natively on the CI system.

> If you “do not enable freetype” by uninstalling freetype by force, you could run into all sorts of problems because Qt assumes it is installed.
> If you “do not enable freetype” by not installing it, then qt5-mac should install it automatically for you.
> If you “do not enable freetype” by modifying the Portfile to disable support, I am afraid I do not know what will happen.

All of this I wasn’t intending to do. :)

But which feature would Qt5 be missing if I didn’t install freetype at build time?? (But this is perhaps more a question for a Qt ML.)

> Please forgive me if I am not answering your question.
> I am a little unclear as to what the exact nature of the problem.

Never mind, I am happy about your response! :) Things became clearer for me now.
And I think I didn’t state clearly enough that I was not trying to build another qt5-mac, but am rather forced to build Qt5 natively quasi-independent from MacPorts.

Thanks very much so far!


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