What would YOU like to see 'port doctor' do?

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Mon Jul 21 23:28:05 PDT 2014

On 2014-7-22 10:08 , Adam Dershowitz wrote:
> A few ideas: 
> Checking for files that should not be in macports directory, that end up being there.  They could be left either by an old install, or by a different installer that inappropriately put them in the directory (there was some recent discussion of an installer for an application that was built using macports then shipped with an installer so the installer would just put stuff there).  Perhaps this could be done by looking at all the files in /opt/local and comparing with all the port contents?  Any extras are an error.

Unfortunately this is not quite that easy, as there will be various
config files, data files, cache files and so on that are not registered
to a port. Probably restricting it to mach-o files would avoid false
positives, but would unavoidably introduce false negatives. We simply
don't have the information needed to do what you'd really want here.

Possibly you could use pkgutil to find out about any packages that have
installed files into the MacPorts prefix?

> A check for a mismatch between the installed system version  and the system that was present for port installs (to catch upgrades that were not done correctly)

Yes, if installed ports are for a different platform then it should
point the user to the Migration instructions. Note that base now refuses
to run if it was built for a different OS version.

- Josh

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