new ports and maintainer

Sean Farley sean at
Thu Jul 24 13:55:42 PDT 2014

Daniel J. Luke writes:

> On Jul 24, 2014, at 2:37 PM, Sean Farley <sean at> wrote:
>> Why not drop 'openmaintainer' and amend the community policy to have
>> every port be what we now call 'openmaintainer'? Furthermore, we could
>> set up a way for the listed port authors to be emailed when a port with
>> their name on it has changed.
> I, for one, appreciate the ability to specify which ports I don't care if people apply patches to vs. ports where I'm very careful about updating/keeping things from breaking.

Well, the problem is people still commit on your ports. Unless you've
left comments in your portfiles, then there's no auditable way to
maintain your ports if, say, you stop being a maintainer.

I would instead like to encourage better practices rather than "don't
touch my port" which, I believe, leads to bottlenecks for fixing

> Ultimately, I'm not willing to provide active support for something that lots of other people are going to (potentially) be updating (and, in general, I prefer to get prior notice of a possible change before it hits the repo).

Ideally, we'd have a pull request or code review model where you (and
whomever else is listed in the portfile) would be notify to review. This
is kind of what Ryan and other core devs try to do by reviewing the
mailing list of changes but would now allow them (and other reviewers)
to stop before a change is integrated.

Honestly, I think you'd be better served by having a comment say "please
run changes past <email address / macports-dev> before committing."

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