MacPorts Developer Meeting?

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Fri Jul 25 09:51:57 PDT 2014

> On 25/lug/2014, at 13:52, Vincent Habchi <vince at> wrote:
>> Le 25 juil. 2014 à 10:55, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> a écrit :
>> In 2008 we had a ConTeXt meeting in Bohinj for example.
>> (, here:
>> That's not the only option
>> though (and maybe not even the best one). Lodging + three meals cost
>> 26 EUR / day at that exact location (+ 20% for single room).
> It’s clear that it’ll be very difficult to find a room at such a price around the lake of Constance! ;) But is there any international airport at hand? Trieste ? Gorizia ?

Since I currently live in Gorizia and there's an international airport at Ronchi dei Legionari (which is between Trieste and Gorizia), I'd be able to pick up max. 8 people by car!

>>> ‘c uskoro!
>> Wrong language, "wrong" input, but thanks a lot for trying ;) (Did you
>> use google translate on "C you soon?" Also, it's "jutro" and a comma
>> is missing in front of the name :P)
> No: “vidimu s’uskoro”, that’s what I say to my janitor almost every morning. She is Serbian, and since she knows I dote on linguistics, she has taught me very basic phrases in “Yugoslavian”, what ever that means now… But I understand that Slovenian is slightly different. Besides, Serbian uses cyrillic, so I tried a transliteration a bit at random.
> Cheers!
> Vincent

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