erlang expert needed for rabbitmq-server port

Mark Moll mmoll at
Mon Aug 10 18:11:43 PDT 2015

The rabbitmq-server is broken in various ways (see By default files are installed in non-standard places, which the port is (unsuccessfully) trying to fix. On top of the old version of the port doesn’t even compile with the current version of erlang. By updating to the latest version of rabbitmq-server I run into other problems.

An alternative approach is to download the byte-compiled version from, skip the build phase altogether, and patch things in the destroy phase. I know nothing about erlang and have no idea what kind of problems that could cause if the erlang port is updated.

Starting from the standalone version (rather than the server version) is yet another possibility. This is what Home Brew does:

If someone could try to create a somewhat usable version of this port, it’d be much appreciated.


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