python + libedit issues

su_v suv at
Wed Aug 26 23:10:49 PDT 2015

On 2015-08-26 23:41 (+0200), Eric A. Borisch wrote:
> I've recently noticed (not sure when it changed) that when I enter and
> then exit() the python (using python27 in particular) interpreter built
> against libedit, the tty flags (as reported by stty -a) aren't getting
> reset when exiting python -- most noticeably the echo flag is getting
> turned off. Yes, yes, reset will fix it, but still.

Confirmed on OS X 10.7.5: after the revbump for ncurses 6.0, rebuilt
python2.5, python2.6, python2.7 as well as python3.4 toggle some of the
tty flags after each interactive use (independent of the commands used
in the python session).

Diff of 'stty -a' before and after first python session:

Running a second python session will toggle the same flags, and return
the terminal to the original (usable) state again.

> If I build python27 against libreadline instead of libedit (by disabling
> the libedit patch file) it works as expected.

Not tested on Lion.

> All up-to-date as far as ports go... (r139788)
> Any thoughts?

A fix would be nice ;-)

Regards, V

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