[139862] trunk/base/portmgr/jobs/port_binary_distributable.tcl

Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Mon Aug 31 02:32:59 PDT 2015


> But now I get
> $ port_binary_distributable.tcl -v empathy
> "empathy" is not distributable because its license "cc-by-sa" conflicts with
> license "GPL-2+" of dependency "yelp-tools"
> yelp-tools is a build dependency of empathy.  Shouldn't
> port_binary_distributable.tcl only look at lib deps not build or
> run deps when determining binary distributability?

No. The problem with ignoring build dependencies is that static libraries would
be listed as build dependencies, but static linking against a library may affect
the license.

Of course, most build dependencies don't even provide libraries, so they should
be excluded from this check. To do that, set "installs_libs no" in the
yelp-tools Portfile.

If yelp-tools installs libraries but you manually determined that empathy does
not link against them, use "license_noconflict yelp-tools" (possibly with set,
not sure about that atm) in the empathy Portfile.

Clemens Lang

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