swig-python and python{24,25,31,32}

Michael Dickens michaelld at macports.org
Sun Jan 4 12:46:14 PST 2015

Looking at the contents of swig-python, I'm guessing it'll work just
fine without any changes. It looks like what is installed are scripts
that provide an interface into Python in a generic way, providing
different code segments for the different Python versions. So, I don't
think it'll be an issue.

That said, ports that -rely- on swig-python will probably need to be
rev-bumped, because they will have a library/libraries linked against
the Python library of choice. Once the old Python has been replaced_by
the new one, the linkage of the generated swig-python libraries will be
invalid; rebuilding those ports should do the trick, I think. - MLD

On Sun, Jan 4, 2015, at 03:20 PM, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
> I will be retiring the python{24,25,31,32} ports soon-ish. As the
> swig-python port depends on python_select and not on any specific Python
> port, I'm wondering what will happen to swig-python users who have
> selected one of the retired ports.

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