php56 extensions missing ???

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Thu Jan 29 08:39:03 PST 2015

On Jan 29, 2015, at 6:38 AM, Bjarne D Mathiesen wrote:

> I'm upgrading my php installation from 5.5 to 5.6
> During this, I've discovered some php55 extensions aren't available as
> php56 extensions :

> Any reason for these not to be available under php56 ???

There is always a reason!

> php55-code-coverage            @1.2.12         php/php-code-coverage
> php55-file-iterator            @1.3.3          php/php-file-iterator
> php55-text-template            @1.1.4          php/php-text-template
> php55-timer                    @1.0.4          php/php-timer
> php55-token-stream             @1.1.5          php/php-token-stream
> php55-unit                     @3.7.22         php/php-unit

> php55-unit-mock-objects        @1.2.3          php/php-unit-mock-objects

These are not PHP extensions; they're more like PEAR modules. These ports were never properly converted from the old php5-based system to the new php52/php53/php54/php55/php56-based system. In fact they should never have been versioned by PHP version, and should not be using the php 1.1 portgroup. They should probably be using the pear 1.0 portgroup, or possibly be deleted. These ports are all related to PHPUnit. Much newer versions of PHPUnit exist; someone with interest should investigate what is needed to bring PHPUnit in MacPorts up to date. Nobody has addressed these issues in 3 years:

There are many other tickets. Note also that the port pear-PHPUnit already exists. Possibly php*-unit should be replaced_by it.

> php55-hidef                    @0.1.13         php/php-hidef

The hidef extension is not compatible with PHP 5.6. Nobody has responded to the bug report:

It is probably easy to fix, however, if someone wants to take the time to read the documentation about what changed in PHP 5.6 and update the code.

> php55-http                     @1.7.6          php/php-http

Version 1.x of the http extension is not compatible with PHP 5.6. Version 2.x is compatible and can be found in the php56-http2 port. Version 1 and 2 are not compatible; you must update your code if you want to switch from version 1 to 2. That's also why we keep the version 1 ports around.

> php55-uuid                     @1.0.3          php/php-uuid

I had added the php56-uuid subport locally months ago and it builds fine. I did not commit it because the port is not openmaintainer, and I forgot to file a ticket. I have filed one now:

> php55-xcache                   @3.1.0          php/php-xcache

Version 3.1.x of the xcache extension is not compatible with PHP 5.6. Version 3.2.x is compatible, and I did not notice the port's livecheck was not working, so I was not informed that version 3.2.x had been released. I have fixed the livecheck and updated the port to version 3.2.0 and added the php56-xcache subport:

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