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Tue Jan 27 15:54:36 PST 2015

e destroot step, disregarding the deactivating step(s):

- create a tarball in /opt/local/var/macports/software/portname
- unpack that tarball in a temp. directory in that same /opt/local/var/=
- move items in place from the temp. directory into ${prefix}

If correct, it seems that deactivation of the currently active port ver=
sion could be done *after* filling the temp directory, to minimise the =
time the system spends without the port installed.

This may not be very relevant for most ports, but ports like Qt4 and Qt=
5 are both *huge* and can be quite central to user experience (using KD=
evelop or Qt Creator for development, it could even be that one's IDE s=
tarts having issues during the upgrade).



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