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Tue Jan 27 15:54:36 PST 2015

BTW, I've always "gone through the front door" in my own code, using (through pipes) the ghostscript executable rather than linking to its library.

> I'm not aware of any MS-related functionality, but I'm not exactly
> sure what you wanted to say. (Given that nobody even bothered to

I was wondering aloud what functionality this eps2write component could have, with the underlying question how many ports rely on it.
But that's all moot if there are other ABI incompatibilities elsewhere in the newer ghostscript versions.

> update gs for a very long time, I'm not sure that we have the
> man-hours available to code in the backward compatibility when the
> upstream already dropped it.)

If it's already dropped after only a short period of existence, can you not simply remove it from the (default) build? Last time I built ghostscript, it was designed to allow that kind of thing (I recall I usually had to activate a number of components, in fact).


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