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Tue Jan 27 15:54:36 PST 2015

About that: aren't there locations under ~/Library (~/Library/Caches fo=
r instance) that are persistent across reboots but still are excluded f=
rom backups by default?

> had hot dinners, going back many decades.  Taking shortcuts never pay=
s=E2=80=A6  The
> few seconds or minutes you might save are sooner or later eclipsed by=
 hours of
> stuffing around, as I am experiencing currently.

Are you talking about my port, or about ~/.macports? Neither are the re=
sult of taking shortcuts, esp. not the latter...

> A crashed "port destroot" run, a garbaged-up home directory, a local-=
port structure
> inside /opt/local and maybe a wobbly portindex.

For the crashed "port destroot run", you can do "port clean", but that =
is unlikely to help as the error will probably persist. We'll have to f=
igure out where and what goes wrong, address the issue, and then you wi=
ll probably be able to let the "port destroot" command run to completio=
n without doing a clean first.=20
The /opt/local/site-ports local-port repository shouldn't bite the rest=
 of MacPorts insofar as it doesn't override crucial ports with incompat=
ible versions. In your case that shouldn't be the case. But you can mov=
e it anywhere you like, and adapt the corresponding entry in macports.c=
onf .
If my port garbaged-up your $HOME outside of ~/.macports I'd like to kn=
ow about it. I don't believe that it can happen, but send me your log f=
ile (port log qt5-mac-devel) if it is the case after all.

> @Ren=C3=A9: I need a new set of instructions for running the qt5-mac-=
devel build.

Sure, but without knowing what went wrong I can hardly do anything othe=
r than double-checking and repeating the existing instructions ...


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