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Tue Jan 27 15:54:36 PST 2015

need to find out the dependency tree using the SAT solver(above link)
and then finding the version of dependency that are stable.

I also found some slides on this :

> I'd actually prefer (a), to be honest. But please plan some time for
> further discussion and design on this topic. Please don't hesitate to
> ask if what I've just told you was unclear or way too complicated,
> and I'll try to improve my writing ;-)
>> Also the Phasing out xcode dependency resides in the diagnose.tcl
>> file, maybe we can work on that too when we are done with the
>> Dependency calculation.
> I doubt that we'd actually find time for that, especially given the
> problems I've outlined above. I'd rather put any leftover spare time
> into writing a couple of test cases to verify that our dependency
> solving works as it should. Sounds good?
> Let me know if you have any further questions.
> --
> Clemens Lang

Jackson Isaac
S6 B.Tech CSE
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

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