[MacPorts] #49711: [cpp-netlib][0.11.2][new port]

Liviu Nicoara nikkoara at hates.ms
Wed Nov 18 08:00:19 PST 2015

> Replying to [comment:4 ryandesign@…]:
>> [...]
>> It doesn't look like the static variant does anything. If the user does
> not select the static variant, the static libraries should not be built.
> When the user selects the static build of cpp-netlib there is no need to
> change the default build configuration. The only thing we need is to check
> whether the boost port has been installed with no_static variant.

Did this make sense? 

If the user does not pick any variant, the build creates and installs shared libraries. If the user selects a static build, there is no change needed for the config process of cpp-netlib because its default is static, but I added a requirement that boost variants do not include the no_static variant.


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