mkpwd: update to 1.6

Mihai Moldovan ionic at
Tue Sep 1 16:17:09 PDT 2015

On 01.09.2015 01:32 AM, Michael Beasley wrote:
> Attached are patches for sysutils/mkpwd v1.6. (current version 0.8)
> [...]

A couple of comments on that one:

Due to the project now using autotools, a lot of stuff can be simplified. For
instance, explicitly defining the universal variant is not required, needs not be set explicitly (will be "all" by default which fits
nicely), build.args can be dropped (will be handled through configure) and
destroot.args is obsolete, too.

Due to real_version not being needed anymore, distname, livecheck.version can be
omitted due to already using the default values.

Due to .tar.gz now being used instead of .tgz, which (.tar.gz) is the default,
this can also be omitted.

Regarding the patches:

Please avoid whitespace-only changes to the original code base. This is a
non-functional change. It probably isn't a bad idea to upstream some stuff
(albeit probably not changes to, which is generated by autotools),
but definitely changes to the copyright header.

Also, the version number fix should naturally be upstreamed.

The same goes for the man page file fix.

I've committed the changes and general simplification as


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