registry backup (and upgrade --force)

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Sun Apr 3 10:41:09 PDT 2016

On Sunday April 03 2016 19:01:57 Clemens Lang wrote:

> Sounds like SQLite was doing its job and failed at it. There's nothing

Or maybe it'd have take 2 months before succeeding...

> we can do from a MacPorts PoV on SQLite failing to recover.

I suppose that if anything there will be only an sqlite command to check whether an fsck is going to be required, not if it'll succeed?

> Is there
> anything odd about your configuration that could cause problems with
> SQLite?

How would I know? I just know I hit ^C once, maybe twice, and then ended up in this situation. Normally I don't have to restore the registry from a backup.
The only thing off with my installation is that `port provides` doesn't work, but as far as I understand I'm not the only one in that situation (?).

> You suggested having a cron job that makes a backup. If an operation was

No, not cron.

> We're using a databse precisely to get this behavior. We shouldn't
> second-guess the database but fix the reason that causes the database to
> not provide this behavior.

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