KDE4/KF5 "cohabitation"

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 06:22:53 PDT 2016

On Saturday April 09 2016 12:47:09 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
>On Thursday January 14 2016 00:54:59 nicos at macports.org wrote:


Another heads-up :

- I created a default +virtuoso variant for Soprano, which as far as I can see is required *only* if you actually want to use nepomuk other than to resolve certain dependencies. IOW, I added a patch for nepomuk-core that removes the hard dependency on Soprano's virtuoso backend, knowing that it is in fact a runtime dependency of the server.
NB: I've been running KDE4 applications with port:virtuoso disabled for over 2 years, without ever any issues.

- I ran into a side-effect of installing KDE4 cmake modules into ${prefix}/lib/cmake/KDE4 : certain ports (like grantlee and mobipocket) use the location of the cmake modules to figure out the install prefix by stripping a fixed number of components off the install location of those files. IOW, they expect to be installed as ${prefix}/lib/cmake/Foo/*.cmake .  For grantlee I fixed this by moving the whole module directory back into ${prefix}/lib/cmake (the is no name conflict with the Qt5 version; lib/cmake/grantlee vs. lib/cmake/Grantlee5). For mobipocket, I added a patch for the .cmake file so that it works from its new location.

The second point is something to monitor; I'm sure there must be a better/cleaner/more official way to obtain the actual install path (apart from us patching the files so they hardcode the location).


>Hi Nicolas,
>Just a heads-up that I've pushed a few updates to my KDE4 ports, the most important ones being
>- updates to the latest kdelibs4 and kde4-runtime versions. Among the useful improvements that provides is the removal of timeout periods on certain kinds of kwallet unlock requests.
>- I've turned the dependency on port:oxygen-icons into a path:-style one (on the theme's index file) so that users have a choice of installing either port:kf5-oxygen-icons5 (note the new name) or port:oxygen-icons .

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