dependency question

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at
Mon Apr 11 07:49:30 PDT 2016


Is it acceptable to have a sort of cyclic dependency of the kind:

port A:
depends_run-append port:B

port B:
depends_build port:A

or even

port B:
depends_run-append port:A

I'm not really certain yet of the actual dependencies in my particular case so I may not actually need this kind of hack.
Here's what I'm planning:
port:B would be a subport of port:A, and would correspond to a plugin that is normally built as part of the stuff provided by port:A. B appears to build just fine by building (and installing from) just the corresponding subdirectory from A's source tree, and A appears to build just fine excluding the B subdirectory. The only thing one could say is that it doesn't make sense to install B without A ... but then again a build dependency won't make that impossible?


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