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I use git (and Github Enterprise) in my day to day work. I can help out.

Another good (free (as in beer)) client is SourceTree

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> Here are some resources GitHub recommends for learning git:
> learning-git-and-github/
> When MacPorts moves to GitHub, committers will need to stop using their
> existing Subversion working copies and get a fresh copy of the code from
> GitHub. There will be separate repositories for base, ports, the web site,
> and so forth.
> If you are a committer or would like to contribute to MacPorts in the
> future, and you don't already have a GitHub account, you should create one
> now. If you are a committer, you should add your email
> address
> to your GitHub account now, so that any past commits you made in Subversion
> are properly associated with your GitHub account.
> Some of our developers are not very, or not at all, familiar with how to
> use
> git, and I include myself in that list. It would be great if we could
> prepare a wiki page that helps Subversion users learn to use git, perhaps
> with examples such as "In Subversion, to update your working copy with the
> latest code, you run 'svn update', while with git, you update your clone
> using 'git pull'". We may also need some task-related examples, such as how
> to create a new port; how to update an existing port; how to install an
> updated version of a port that was submitted as a pull request; how to fix
> a
> pull request that isn't quite correct. We may also need some explanations
> of
> git terminology, such as "master", "origin", "rebase", "fast-forward", etc.
> Let's use this wiki page to collect this information:
> If you aren't familiar with git, please ask specific questions about tasks
> that you don't know how to do in git. If you are familiar with git, please
> help answer these questions.
> GitHub offers a nice Mac app that makes it easy to do basic tasks like
> committing updates without having to know how to use git on the command
> line.
> GitHub also offers a Subversion compatibility feature. If you don't know
> git
> and don't want to learn right now, you can continue to use the Subversion
> client as before, you'll just have to "svn checkout" a new working copy
> from
> the GitHub repository URL. You can use that working copy with your normal
> Subversion client and it should behave as a normal Subversion repository.
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