Fwd: All KDE ports need a major revbump, due to recent changes to qt4-mac

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 01:01:03 PDT 2016

On Saturday August 20 2016 23:11:30 Marko Käning wrote:

>did you see this post of mine back then?

>Wondering whether Rainer’s notes make sense...

Yes, I saw it, and IIRC I even reacted to it one way or another. So it was Rainer who asked not to install all of Qt into its own prefix, just like I've been advocating all along and am still doing with my port:qt5-kde (and the Qt4 port I'm using locally).

Certain remarks evidently no longer make sense in that they related to resolved issues.

>>> For instance, the latter tried to find libqca in it’s old location
>>> ---
>>> Dyld Error Message:
>>>  Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libqca.2.dylib
>>>  Referenced from: /Applications/MacPorts/*/konversation.app/Contents/MacOS/konversation
>>>  Reason: image not found
>>> ---
>>> which has - in the meantime - moved into $PREFIX/libexec/qt4/lib/:
>> What was the reason for moving Qt4 into its own prefix? I guess this is
>> about allowing Qt4 and Qt5 to be installed at the same time?
>> I only noticed this now, but it seems this change will cause problems:
>> * binaries in ${prefix}/libexec/qt4/bin are inaccessible and not in PATH
>> * pkg-config files in ${prefix}/libexec/qt4/lib/pkgconfig/ will not be
>>  found by default (needs additional PKG_CONFIG_PATH)
>> * cmake modules in ${prefix}/libexec/qt4/share/cmake/ will not be found
>>  by default (needs additional CMAKE_MODULE_PATH)
>> The same seems to apply to qt5-mac as well. Also, the choice of
>> ${prefix}/libexec/qt4/ vs. ${prefix}/libexec/qt5-mac/ looks inconsistent.
>> Please do not simply drop everything related to Qt into its own prefix.
>> At least keep the files mentioned above in the default locations where
>> they can be found and used by other build systems.
>> Rainer

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