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Clemens Lang cal at macports.org
Sun Aug 21 08:28:39 PDT 2016

Hi Marko,

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 06:55:25AM +0000, MacPorts wrote:
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Thanks for the section on setting up commiter name and email address, I
had forgot about this.

> +Additionally one should define a few (not necessarily global) presets for working with your clone of the MacPorts repository:
> +{{{
> +$ git config --global push.default nothing
> +$ git config --global branch.autosetuprebase always
> +$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global
> +$ git config --global commit.template ~/.git-commit-template
> +}}}

I do not think we should recommend setting these variables for the
following reasons:

 - Users don't understand what they're doing here. I want our developers
   to know what and why things are happening with Git, not serve them a
   "here's how you ought to do it" recipe.
 - This is also the reason why the "Fetching the latest changes" section
   I wrote yesterday is so long: Developers should understand what
   happens when they run these commands, not just be told "run this". I
   think we should move branch.autosetuprebase to the end of the
   "Fetching the latest changes" section where we tell them that instead
   of the --rebase flag, they can also set this option. Also, setting
   this option globally is bad; other projects might not want this
 - push.default nothing may be a good idea, but I would only put it as a
   recommendation in a section on committing and pushing changes for
   people that want to make sure they're not accidentially pushing
   something they don't want to push.
 - I do not think we need .gitignore_global; We already converted our
   svn:excludes into .gitignores in the repositories and we've always
   left the configuration of svn clients to our developers. If they
   think this is necessary, they can figure it out on their own.
 - I also do not think we should recommend a git commit template for the
   same reason. Developers with Subversion have always been free to
   configure their own client and while a commit template is possible
   with Subversion, we did not recommend it there either.

What do you think?


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