A minimal set of Qt5/KF5 ports with corresponding Qt4/KDE4 fixes ready for testing...

Marko Käning (MacPorts) mk-macports at posteo.net
Wed Feb 10 14:04:01 PST 2016

Dear Nicolas,

I think you're aware of René's striving for getting KF5 to work in 

In the last 2 months or so I tried to catch up with his incredible pace 
and thus
decided to at least come up with a minimal set of ports, which would 
allow to
get started with KF5 on OSX based on MacPorts.

It took me quite a while to do so, but I think I have it now - thanks to 
constant tireless support.

As I am currently disconnected from my MacPorts-KDE git repository at 
server [1], so I created a clone at GitHub and committed my Qt5/KF5 tree 


to that instead [2]!

This way you could get up and running with Qt5/KF5 quickly yourselves, 
installing port:qt5-kde and port:KF5-Frameworks after copying in all 
PortGroup files, as I do using copy_resources.bash [3].

I installed port:KF5-Frameworks in its kde4compact variant in order to 
be able
to have everything concurrently installed with KDE4 ports in the system.

The idea now would be whether you could test this whole set of ports 
your latest (still private) changes to KDE4, so that we find any 
glitches before
we commit the adapted or new Qt[45], KDE4 and KF5 PortFile and PortGroup

Would be cool if we could roll out KF5-Frameworks and all the ports 
with it some time soon, so that other users can join us testing this 
more easily.
But you could be guinea pig #3 for a start... If you want to go for it 
that is!

René asked me to mention that he's planning to bump KF5 to version 
once he got some feedback on the QSP/XDG questions he posted on MLs
KDE-MAC and MacPorts-dev recently.

Please let us know what you think and test KF5 in conjunction with whole 
if you have the time and stamina that is. Would be really great.

Thanks in advance!


[1] https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=macports-kde.git

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