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On 18 febbraio 2016 at 11:01:58, petr (976f at ingv.it) wrote:

Hi all,

I realise that there quite some inconsistency in the naming of select port naming, select groups and targets names when port select is used with python.
Inconsistencies in python port naming? Surely you must be kidding :P

* Some python related select ports use a `py-` prefix, most do not ….


* Same for the name of the group

* For the version target names patterns:


Is there a recommend way to name all these? Or are we free to pick anything we like? 
Should there be some recommendation?
I think the saner way would be py-${real_name}_select for the select port and py${python.version}-${real_name} for the values. Ideally we would rename all the ports this way, but it’s gonna be quite complicated I fear :/

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