llvm / clang / cctools / ld64 version consistency question

Mihai Moldovan ionic at macports.org
Wed Jul 27 23:55:18 PDT 2016

On 28.07.2016 04:26 AM, Mihai Moldovan wrote:
> On 27.07.2016 03:22 PM, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>> Also, cctools and ld64 also have a specific variant for each version of llvm, it
>> appears from the following command.
> The MacPorts-provided compilers (gcc-mp-*, clang-mp-*) (to my knowledge) all use
> the linker as installed by ld64 or ld64-${version} ports. (Actually, ld64 only
> creates wrapper-symlinks more or less to a specific ld64 version.)
> The ld64-${version} subports compile the linker (ld) with the compiler selected
> via one of the provided variants - on 10.9+ the default variant is llvm38, so
> libraries from that LLVM version will be linked and *should* be used at run
> time. Due to the bug you already noticed, they aren't correctly used currently.
> We'll need to get this fixed.

I have to amend a few things in this paragraph. By default, the libLTO as
provided by the selected LLVM version should be used.

When compiling and linking code with a specific version, though, we indeed want
to use its libLTO too, in order to always create the same binaries with the same
compiler - i.e., use the LLVM-version-specific LTO code.

So that isn't a bug.

Other than that, I think Jeremy fixed the issue (with a minor new problem
allowing clang-3.3 installs on OS X 10.12, which he will probably fix up
afterwards?) It'll take some time for it to be deployed to mirrors, but users
will probably be able to get fixed versions later today if they update.


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