Weird situation after updating paho-mqtt

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Fri Jun 10 02:42:49 PDT 2016


Some time ago (I made the commit on 2016-06-07, I don't remember when
I actually did things) I ran
    port livecheck maintainer:<me>
which listed py-paho-mqtt as updated to version 1.2

So I went ahead and upgraded the port.

Then I suddenly realized yesterday that livecheck now returns
    Error: livecheck failed for py-paho-mqtt: extracted version '1.1'
is older than livecheck.version '1.2'

The site
in fact says "latest release: 1.1"

The repository
lists version 1.2, but

There exists
lists version 1.1.

I wonder whether this livecheck error was perhaps a consequence of
or some related change around that. It's quite possible that I ran
livecheck *before* running selfupdate and getting that particular
update. In particular I remember that I changed some ports of mine
which the commit above "overwrote" before I committed (more or less
the same) changes myself.

(I wanted to add that weird enough didn't contain the file
for 1.2, but I just realized that the file suddenly appeared there.
Most likely it just needed some time before the suitable script for
syncing was executed.)

Does anyone have a clue of what exactly is going?

I'm also curious why I'm getting the error. From my past experience
sometimes livecheck would report stupid things like

    py-paho-mqtt seems to have been updated (port version: 1.2, new
version: 1.1)

This is certainly (still) the case for many perl modules (partially a
consequence of my recent switch to metacpan, but even if metacpan
contains older releases for unknown reasons, it's still weird that
older versions are reported as newer).


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