Weird situation after updating paho-mqtt

Rainer Müller raimue at
Fri Jun 10 03:17:19 PDT 2016

On 2016-06-10 11:42, Mojca Miklavec wrote:
> I wonder whether this livecheck error was perhaps a consequence of
> or some related change around that. It's quite possible that I ran
> livecheck *before* running selfupdate and getting that particular
> update. In particular I remember that I changed some ports of mine
> which the commit above "overwrote" before I committed (more or less
> the same) changes myself.

I guess this is the reason why you saw the update previously... However,
I am also not able to fully reconstruct the events as neither the old
nor the new livecheck against pypi seems to know about version 1.2 at all.

Apparently 1.2 was already tagged in git. Maybe you got your update
notification from somewhere else (watching the git repo or something

> (I wanted to add that weird enough
> didn't contain the file
> for 1.2, but I just realized that the file suddenly appeared there.
> Most likely it just needed some time before the suitable script for
> syncing was executed.)

As far as I know, the distfiles are only fetched with a daily cronjob,
that may take a while. Of course that only happened after you committed
the update to 1.2.

> I'm also curious why I'm getting the error. From my past experience
> sometimes livecheck would report stupid things like
>     py-paho-mqtt seems to have been updated (port version: 1.2, new
> version: 1.1)
> This is certainly (still) the case for many perl modules (partially a
> consequence of my recent switch to metacpan, but even if metacpan
> contains older releases for unknown reasons, it's still weird that
> older versions are reported as newer).

This situation is already handled differently on trunk:

$ port livecheck py-paho-mqtt
Error: livecheck failed for py-paho-mqtt: extracted version '1.1' is
older than livecheck.version '1.2'


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