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Alexey Kuznetsov kuznetsov.alexey at
Sun Jun 12 01:25:02 PDT 2016


I'm using encfs/osxfuse to enctying my home folder on mac. Recently (about
year :) ago) I notice sycing issues when I unable to remove folder because
some internal error in osxfuse/encfs. Recent investigation shows it is some
problems with source code. In short: when you do a lot of files operations
(fast create files) encfs breaks. git clone always fail on big repos for

You can find more details in:

I'm trying to build recent osxfuse libraries on my mac @3.3.3 but I have
lack of knowladge how macport build system works. I wrote new Portfiles but
it fail with strange library conflict error. This is conflict between mac
system libraries (ncurses) and macport one.

Can you help me write proper Portfile?

You can find my work here:

-- AK
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