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Alexey Kuznetsov kuznetsov.alexey at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 07:34:14 PDT 2016


I'm updating MenuMeters port file to the latest OS X El Capitan os version.
And it face few issues. I solve them, but not sure if it is best practice.

First) of all 'xcode.destroot.settings SKIP_INSTALL=YES' seems ignored by
xcodebuild and xcode trying to install .prefsPane into
/opt/local/.../home/Library with (Operation not permitted).

I solve this, but patching project file:


Seems like hacky solution, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Second) final step which includes copying MenuMeters.prefPane into
/Library/PreferencePanes copy symbolic link of MenuMeters.prefPane instead
content of 'MenuMeters.prefPane'.

I solve this by reading value of symbolic link and copying it's original


Correct me here as well.

-- AK
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