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> Fink was written in 2000 shortly after the release of Mac OS X Public
> Beta. MacPorts was started in 2002. Why didn't its creators instead
> contribute to Fink? I don't know; I wasn't part of the project back then. A
> note on the Fink web site says the MacPorts creators wanted to try a
> different approach; it's written in Tcl and C and based conceptually on
> FreeBSD's ports system, though it doesn't share any of its code. Wanting to
> try a different approach is probably also what led to Homebrew being
> created in 2009; it's written in Ruby. Today, each of the three projects
> have a rich history of finding different ways of solving problems. It may
> be that multiple solutions are valid, or that some solutions work better
> than others. But the point is they are different solutions, and they do not
> interoperate with one another. I cannot take a MacPorts portfile written in
> Tcl and convert it into a format that can be understood by Fink or Homebrew.

I read emerying carefully. Very informative. But you missing a point. I'm
not talking why it is not possible. Do you think all Linux distoros more
compatible between each other than Mac with three build system's? They all
have problem you mention, including absolute path linking (they are using
same liking tools) and more! But they all understand they need to be
together and they find the way. I'm taking about understanding of looking
in the same direction.

Going the way "why it is not possible" two of three systems end'up dead. Or
you see another future?

-- AK
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