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> system's? They all have problem you mention, including absolute path
>> linking (they are using same liking tools) and more! But they all
>> understand they need to be together and they find the way. I'm
> ELF does *not* use absolute paths. Mach-O does. It also appears that you
> did not notice that OS X ld is *not* binultils ld, and binutils ld is known
> to cause various things to break badly on OS X, even when it's not lagging
> the latest Apple changes to Mach-O "load commands" (runtime loader
> opcodes). (And it certainly isn't gold, which only works on ELF objects.)

And while I'm at it: Apple's dyld is not ELF's, despite relatively
recent changes that make it look just similar enough to make foot-shooting

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