Review Tickets Request... gambit-c

William macports at
Tue Mar 29 22:06:20 PDT 2016


I have submitted two tickets pertaining to the "gambit-c" package.  (These are my first two submissions to the macports project.  I have read the documentation on the website, but there is still a good chance that I don't know what's going on.  Your constructive comments are welcome!)

The tickets are:

Updating gambit-c to the latest upstream version:
This upgrade is very straight forward and could probably proceed as is.

Changing the C compiler used to build gambit-c:
I have provided some notes, and I have received and addressed some comments pertaining to this one, but it remains to be seen whether I have addressed the concerns adequately, or whether I should take another stab at this one.

It has been a couple of days, so I thought I'd send this note to the lists to see whether there is anything else I should do to nudge these along.

Thanks all,
- William

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