Need help to write master_sites in the correct way

Abdulrahman Alshammari a.turqi at
Wed Mar 30 09:45:24 PDT 2016


The software that I want to build a port for is getting updated 3-5 times in a year. So, I need to build the portfile in a way that will be easy to update. So let me explain my issue.

The homepage of the software is here: <>

For download, this is the list of software versions: <>

For each version, there are sub-versions start with rXXXX, Like in the latest version I want to build a port for it:
1.6 ->> r2872 >> downloads >> we get this page: <>

Then, I need to download  the file CIVL-1.6_2872.tgz <>

Any suggestion how can I handle this, so when I need to update the port, I just update a little bit in the portfile?

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