order of operations in port upgrade

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 02:09:12 PDT 2016


Quick question: a normal (non-forced) upgrade currently does

1) install (create new tarball image)
2) deactivate old
3) activate new
4) clean ${workpath} (unless -k)

Would there be anything against exchanging ops 3 and 4?

1) install (create new tarball image)
2) deactivate old
3) clean ${workpath} (unless -k)
4) activate new

I just had a look at my workdisk in iDefrag, and free disk fragmentation is terrible ATM, at a point where I cannot even do a complete online defrag (= of unused files) due to lack of contiguous free space (yet there's over 110Gb free). I know this is less of an issue on SSDs yet I cannot help but think that free disk fragmentation ends up being a PITA everywhere. The proposed change should help keeping it in check.

I haven't look at how trivial it would be to implement this particular change. I think the upgrade routine already has separate paths for normal and forced operation (1 & 2 being exchanged in forced mode), right?


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