dbusmenu-qt5 build failure on 10.7 and 10.8 buildbots because of using libstdc++

Lawrence Velázquez larryv at macports.org
Fri Oct 7 07:51:59 PDT 2016

> On Oct 6, 2016, at 10:48 AM, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at macports.org> wrote:
> On 6 October 2016 at 16:23, René J.V. Bertin wrote:
>> Ken: apologies for not having thought of this, but myself when I was still running 10.6 I've had sufficient success with building C++11 code using a (then) recent gcc port.  It's possible that things have evolved so much nowadays that even that may not cut it anymore.
> This would probably mostly work fine if *all* ports were built with
> g++ (= against the same version of mp-provided stdlibc++). I can
> easily imagine problems when gcc is switched from, say, version 5 to
> version 6, but let's ignore that for a moment.
> The problem is that MacPorts cannot easily support a zillion of
> different configurations and this is certainly an unsupported one.
> Some of the ports that require C++11 currently blacklist all the gcc
> compilers and enforce libc++. Not because gcc would not be able to
> build it, but to ensure at least some consistency. So if you want to
> use this configuration, you need quite a bit of editing of different
> ports, say goodbye to binary packages, expect other random problems.
> I'm not saying that this cannot work. Just that it calls for random
> headaches that one has to willingly accept and be able to fix on
> him/her own. (Or maintain a fork of MP with a monstrous amount of
> work.)

Not to mention the fact that literally every single C++ port would have
to declare a library dependency on libgcc.


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