2nd MacPorts Meeting & Online Meeting

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Sun Oct 9 22:53:13 PDT 2016


Me and Aljaž would be willing to host the MacPorts meeting in 2017 again.

If you have any particular requests about the desired time / place /
or anything else, we can discuss it before we fix the dates, but we
should probably fix it some time soon.

In addition to the face-to-face meeting, I would like to propose
trying out some online meeting some time in mid-November (or any other
time, according to your wishes). I would propose to discuss:

- creating timeline(s) with most important features that we might want
to implement & get into next releases

- how to improve the ticket system

- and/or any other pressing topic (just not too much all at once)

I'm not sure about the best format of the online meeting though
(IRC?). Any suggestions welcome. It would be nice to prepare proposals
/ agenda for discussion in advance though. I would limit the meeting
to 2 hours max and repeat it if necessary.



PS: The second point includes things like:

- marking tickets as "upstream problem": tickets that would be neither
closed nor open (= not being actively worked on), but something
"inbetween"; problems that we don't have time or don't know how to
solve, but interested users could still search for them or look into
ways to fix them

- even if the ticket is marked as "maintainer", it's often not clear
whether a ticket just needs a review (and is already considered
"perfect" by maintainer) or if it still needs quite a bit of work; I
would like to see a tag "needs review" for things that just need a
confirmation from a fellow developer

- I would like to see a tag like "needs help"; there might be bug
reports where none of the involved parties knows how to fix the

- I would like to see a tag like "needs approval" meaning that the
patch is ready, only waiting for the maintainer to confirm it or for
the 72-hours to pass (perhaps longer if the patch is not trivial)

- perhaps a tag like "contains a patch, but not yet ready; needs further work"

- when a new version of a port is needed, we need to distinguish
several cases: user just requested an upgrade, but there is no patch;
there is a patch awaiting approval; there is a patch, but the port
cannot be upgraded yet because of known bugs / incompatibilities /
whatever, ...


- strategies to classify thousands of old tickets

If you plan to discuss just tickets any further, please let's discuss
that under a different subject, not under "Meeting". I just wanted to
add a bit of explanation. Let's keep the topic of this thread about
the meeting, either online or the real one.

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