Weekly recap of ticket activity?

Mojca Miklavec mojca at macports.org
Sun Oct 9 23:39:47 PDT 2016


Following the discussion about "GitHub" which got slightly off-topic
in many ways got me thinking a bit.

I could not afford to follow the "macports-tickets" or
"macport-commits" mailing list. I never actually tried, but I imagine
it's an enormous amount of traffic. On the other hand I would probably
look at some tickets every now and then if I knew they existed (it
never occurs to me to go and actively look for open tickets at the
ticket page on Trac unless I'm really bored).

I can imagine that a weekly recap of ticket activity might help
attract more developers into looking into individual tickets.

I can imagine that there is a way to prepare a semi-automated /
semi-manual summary of ticket activity. That could involve the list of
tickets that have been opened in the last 2 weeks (and not closed
yet), putting them into several categories:

- tickets with (ready) patches
  - waiting for review
  - waiting for approval / maintainer timeout (this tickets usually
get forgotten)
- requests for upgrades
  - without any patch
  - with a patch
- bugs that need help
- weird tickets (hard or impossible to reproduce, ...)
- ...

Perhaps some further older tickets could be included according to some criteria.

I'm not sure if we could find a volunteer to do that job, but I'm sure
there's a way to automate this to a great extent and only do some
minor manual review & reshuffling before posting to the mailing list
if we manage to improve our Trac setup in some ways.

What do others think of the idea in general?


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