2nd MacPorts Meeting & Online Meeting

Marko Käning mk-macports at posteo.net
Sun Oct 16 15:38:20 PDT 2016

Hi Clemens,

On 16 Oct 2016, at 23:58 , Clemens Lang <cal at macports.org> wrote:
> Thanks, and sorry for not putting a plan together to do it in Munich in
> the fall. Seems I need to improve my time management :)

now that you say it… Weren’t you aiming at the Wiesn earlier this year?

>> In addition to the face-to-face meeting, I would like to propose
>> trying out some online meeting some time in mid-November (or any other
>> time, according to your wishes).
> A good idea, we should try that.


> I think this might also be a good time to give a quick status update on
> where we are with the conversion to Git and the move to GitHub, and
> potentially answer questions that any of the attendees might have.


> There's quite a bit of work going on at the moment "behind the scenes"
> that does not make it to the mailing lists, and I have a feeling it
> seems to the list like there is no progress, which is not the case.

I noticed that there is eventually an official MacPorts ports git repo [1]
online since a few days now, which Ryan seems to be administering…
Cools stuff! It looks like MacPorts will soon work through git. I think I
was the first who forked this. ;)

	Congratulations for your behind-the-scenes progress!!!


[1] https://github.com/macports/macports-ports

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