Moving to GitHub: Status Update, Action Required

Clemens Lang cal at
Fri Oct 21 11:12:59 PDT 2016

Hello MacPorts users and developers,

MacPorts will be moving to GitHub soon. We're sending this email to
inform you about changes in how you access the MacPorts repositories and
bug tracker. Additionally, this email contains information on planned

Action Required: GitHub Accounts
Our new Trac installation will use GitHub for login. If you do not have
a GitHub account yet, please create one now at

To help us match your previous contributions and Trac tickets to your
GitHub account, please go to
and ensure that you have added and verified all email addresses you have
used for MacPorts Trac. There is no need for any of these addresses to
be the primary one, or even public. They just need to be listed and

If you are a MacPorts committer, please make sure that you have added
your address.

Action Required by MacPorts Developers: Joining the GitHub Organization
If you are a MacPorts developer and have commit access, please send the
following mail to macports-infra at
 Subject: Please invite me to MacPorts on GitHub
  Handle: <your-macports-handle>
We will send an invite to join the MacPorts organization on GitHub to
your MacPorts email address. Follow the steps in this invitation email
to get commit access to the MacPorts Git repositories and privileges in

Migration Timeline
The switch to Git will happen on the weekend of October 29th/30th. We
will disable committing to the Subversion repository, run a last
incremental export to Git and push the changes to GitHub. If you have
commit access, please do not commit to the repositories at GitHub until
a mail to the list indicates the conversion is done. Please read through
which contains a number of guidelines for working with the MacPorts Git

We will also place our old Trac instance in read-only mode and move the
tickets to our new instance. Note that the new Trac instance uses GitHub
for login. We recommend that you have added and verified all email
addresses that you used for filing tickets in Trac to your GitHub
account before you log in to the new Trac. For MacPorts developers, this
includes your MacPorts email address. This will allow us to
automatically transfer your tickets to your new user account.

Due to the current SVN and Trac downtime, we are also discussing to make
the move of Trac sooner if that helps us restore service earlier. We
will keep you informed on this.

On behalf of the MacPorts migration team,
Clemens Lang

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