Trac & Subversion available again

Clemens Lang cal at
Fri Oct 21 18:16:30 PDT 2016

Hello MacPorts users and developers,

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 08:12:59PM +0200, Clemens Lang wrote:
> Due to the current SVN and Trac downtime, we are also discussing to
> make the move of Trac sooner if that helps us restore service earlier.
> We will keep you informed on this.

Due to the current unplanned downtime, we brought the migration of our
Trac installation forward and finished it today. Pending DNS
propagation, you should be able to reach Trac at
again. Note that you will need a GitHub account to log into Trac now.

Please make sure that you have added the email address you used in Trac
to your GitHub account. A cronjob will automatically associate your
tickets and other contributions with the GitHub login a few minutes
after your login.

The Subversion server has also been moved and
committing works again. Please commit your pending work before October

Clemens Lang

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