Moving to GitHub: Status Update, Action Required

Marko Käning mk-macports at
Sat Oct 22 05:31:32 PDT 2016

Hi Clemens,

great to see the GitHub conversion progressing this rapidly! Thumbs up from me!!!

When reading the WorkingWithGit wiki page [1] I saw how port contributors can post
their suggestions to MacPorts via "Pull Requests”, yet it does not get clear from
that text how those PRs will then actually be included into the official repo…

Just this moment I got invited to MacPorts' "Developer team" on GitHub and saw that
I now have "pull access” to the MacPorts ports repository, which is probably enabling
me in the future to push changes into it?

	But the term “pull access” confuses me here!

I mean, I can pull in changes into my clone or fork from the MacPorts repo any time…

Can you clarify this somewhat, as I have no experience yet in teams on GitHub!?



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