Moving to GitHub: Status Update, Action Required

Marko Käning mk-macports at
Sat Oct 22 05:49:56 PDT 2016

Hi Clemens,

On 22 Oct 2016, at 14:41 , Clemens Lang <cal at> wrote:
> Developers will merge them, either using the command line client, or the
> GitHub UI. We haven't decided and documented which merge method to use,
> although I'd prefer the rebase.

ok, I see.

BTW, you’ve mentioned in some thread lately this GitHub command line client!
However, exactly that client doesn’t yet appear on the WorkingWithGit tools
page [1]. I guess it would be worth adding.

> Pull access means that we haven't given the team write access to the
> repository yet, so at the moment being a member of the GitHub org only
> gives you added privileges in Trac. This will change as soon as we're
> done with the conversion next weekend.

OK, that clarifies things. Thanks.



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